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Marine Related Businesses and Scopes of Coverage

We're specialists in Marine and Specialty Contractor's insurance

Marine related businesses are faced with unique insurance requirements and laws that affect operations and bottom lines. Check the areas below for more info and a complete description of the marine policies we market.

Commercial Vessels - Hull coverage / Protection & Indemnity

Hull and machinery, physical damage coverage to the vessel itself (hull & machinery) and general liability for commercial vessels (protection and liability)

Hull & MachineryP & I

Applications:Hull & Machinery / P&I

Marine and Diving Contractor's General Liability

General Liability Forms modified to meet the needs of dock and pier construction, dredging, bridge inspection, and commercial diving activities. Policies are designed for contractors ranging from small operations to larger operations throughout the U.S.

Applications:Marine Contractors, Diving ContractorsGeneral Liability, Workers' Compensation Florida Workers' Compensation

Marinas and Boat Dealers

Package or mono-line policies for Marinas and Boat Dealers consisting of General Liability/Marine Operators Legal Liability (MOLL) with care custody and control for watercraft, coverage for owned watercraft, including physical damage and P&I. Coverage may also include property, wave action, flood and wind.

Applications:Marina & Boat Dealers

Six Pack - Charter - Tours

Coverage for a variety of charter operations - from six pack fishing vessels to "sunset cruises". Offers Hull and Machinery, and liability coverage for vessel, crew and passengers.

Applications:Six Pack / Tour-Charter

Yacht & Private Pleasure Craft Insurance

Hull and Machinery, and Protection & Indemnity coverage for yachts, center console, sport fishers and unique vessels.

Applications:Yacht / Private Vessels

Specialty Contractors

Special customized packages for a variety of hard-to-place contractors - including crane operations, steel erectors, industrial painters, dredging contractors and more.

Applications:Specialty Contractor

Ship Repairer's Legal Liability

Protection for contractors and artisans repairing vessels.

Applications:Ship Repairer's Liability

Maritime Employer's Liability (MEL)

Provides Jones Act Coverage (crew coverage).

Applications:MEL Application

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